Alternative Fuels

Nationally, it is estimated that by 2016 the market size for environmental and alternative energy technologies will reach $200 billion, including $69 billion for solar cells and $60 billion for wind power.

Renewable energy is defined as a broad range of technologies and approaches that help eliminate, reduce or mitigate negative human impact on the environment or harness renewable resources, including wind and tidal power; advanced recycling technologies; residential and commercial solar projects; smart-grid technologies for utility grids; geothermal energy; electric or hybrid-electric transportation; water technologies; and alternative fuels, including biodiesel and ethanol.

Gibson County is a perfect location for green energy and alternative fuels manufacturers.  We have a large, available and skilled workforce you need, with abundant farmland, perfect for large crop production necessary for many alternative fuels.  Our proximity to major research centers, as well as easy distribution through our rail, roads and airports, makes Gibson County ideal for this type of manufacturing.