Electronics Assembly

Fast Facts*

Available Labor Pool: 15,510

Available Buildings: 29

Lower than national average wages for critical industry jobs

Right-to-work State

Locating an electronics manufacturing facility in Gibson County, TN, means fast access to suppliers and the global marketplace, a ready, available workforce, unbeatable costs of doing business and access to crucial industry training. 


The Gibson County workforce offers clear advantages in wages for crucial electronics assembly occupations, combined with the same access to highly-skilled laborers and ongoing employee technical training at West Tennessee's many educational facilities.  Furthermore, Tennessee Career Centers offer employers cost-saving training options and a wide variety of technical training. Visit the Education page to learn more.

United States
Average Hourly Wage
Gibson County
Average Hourly Wage
Electrical Engineers $42.88 $35.13
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General $17.75 $15.82
First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Production and $27.35 $21.67
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers $15.04 $16.11
Team Assemblers $14.30 $14.47
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighe $17.64 $15.00
Source: US BLS OES Mean Hourly Wage: U.S. - May 2011 release, Gibson County - 2010, LWIA 12


For electronics assembly manufacturing industries, location and logistics are critical to having products reach their destination on time, being able to fill rush orders and remaining competitive in the marketplace.  Gibson County, TN offers multimodal access to most of the eastern U.S. in a day, with a well-maintained highway infrastructure and one-hour access to the Memphis Aerotropolis hub.

Gibson County also offers unique locational advantage for electronics assembly and manufacturers. To read more about Gibson County’s location, click here or visit our map room.


In Tennessee, doing business couldn't be easier.  With business-friendly tax rates and enormous incentives, Tennessee is the place for electronic component manufacturing companies to thrive.  For specific details on tax and business incentives for Gibson County electronics assembly operations, visit our Incentives page, or contact Gibson County Economic Development.

* Dec. 2011 Labor Force Estimates, Gibson and surrounding Counties / TVAsites, Gibson County, Buildings